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Welcome To The Mission Driven Advisor

What We Do

The Mission Driven Advisor is an educational source of support and encouragement for free market enterprise through Enlightened Entrepreneurship. Our coaching is specifically designed for financial services professionals including insurance agents, money managers, accountants, estate attorneys, financial planners, and group health and property and casualty agents. We are committed to helping our students practice higher truths... about money and about life. 25 years of experience has created a curriculum that:

Teaches extraordinary knowledge

Offers an experiential style of learning

Provides a practical approach to release your "self-in-potential"

What You'll Learn

  • The MDA sales process that emphasizes skill with people and relationship/trust building
  • Learn the "Art of the Close" by using trial closes that measure and motivate clients to exchange with you
  • A sure-fire way to increase personal discipline and inner will-power
  • Extraordinary narratives that powerfully influence and attract more ideal clients and recruits
  • Specific Wisdom Questions™ that identify client's emotional hot buttons around money that compel a noble desire and urgency to seek and implement solutions
  • A Prosperity Economics Philosophy that guides people to use a principled approach to wealth creation
  • To become methodical with your marketing strategy that attracts Tier-one clients
  • To systematize your prospecting and personal introduction processes
  • To become a master communicator with increased leadership influence and charisma
  • How to transcend the mental defect called 'ego' that releases your inner genius

How We Provide Exceptional Value

Many coaching programs are structured as quarterly meetings with great content that is quickly forgotten because of a lack of ongoing support. Without the proper support it rarely becomes habit and ends up having temporary or minimal effect on production. The Mission Driven Advisor is not the typical one day event that tries to motivate you, but a serious commitment that will transform your Beliefs, which transforms your Behavior, which will then transform your Results. This is the most thorough means of increasing lasting productivity. It is an evolutionary coaching program that provides continuous structure and support for conscious leaders.

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Phone Number

fax - (585) 645-0337


95 Canal Landing
Suite 7
Rochester, NY 14626
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