Training Portal

The gateway to facilitating change and growth

Personal Dashboard

Each Student has a Personal Dashboard where there is a Snapshot of the individual's account, main information, upcoming events and follow up items.

Course Syllabus

Every account has an individualized course syllabus to help each Student keep track of where they are in the course and what is coming for the remainder of the program.

Course Attendance

The Productivity Training Portal will automatically keep track of the Student's call attendance to further help with accountability, time management, next steps and follow through. Each live call will be recorded and will be available in this area of the Portal.

Interactive Metrics

There are a number of free Metrics found in the Portal to help benchmark a Student's progress throughout the year. The Portal records each score and allows Students to come back to view their results whenever they are interested in self-evaluation.

Embedded Notes

The Notes feature allows each Student to keep digital and confidential course or personal notes. The feature is available any time to add new or updated notes throughout the program.


The Program lessons are known as Keys and all of this coursework is found online under the Lessons tab in the Portal. These Keys can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smart phone. As a Student completes/submits one Key, they unlock the next for review at the upcoming teleseminar in order to help organize the course work and Student productivity.


Every Key has Notes and Action Steps sections where a Student can edit and save their own notes regarding the lesson and Action Steps assigned during each call.

Interactive Lesson Exercises

Every lesson also has Interactive Exercises built directly into the framework of the Portal.


Each Student has their own customizable Calendar, which will list planned group calls and Symposiums for the registered program, will help to schedule individual Mentoring Advisor calls, and can to be used for important personal/professional dates.

Messaging System

Our messaging system allows Students to communicate directly with their Mentoring Advisor and the Support Team through the Mission Driven Advisor.


There are a number of easily accessible educational and supportive resources directly in the Portal, including meditation MP3s, recorded calls, videos of past events and so much more.