Trusted Advisor Program

We live in a changing world. The “go out there and sell” model is not only stale, it’s outdated. The Trusted Advisor Program teaches you how to adapt to the changing market. This course will make you feel like an apprentice to a master advisor. In the comfort of your own home or office, you will be able to study the craft of relationship selling called value-based enrollment. You will be guided through the pitfalls of your profession and learn how to transcend them. You will learn how to master the skills, build relationships with your clients, and become a truly trusted advisor. 

  1. Eight video lessons 
  2. Downloadable PDF resources
  3. Q&A calls with a mentoring advisor
  4. Membership in the Trusted Advisor Facebook group
  5. Bonus video of the principles in action

$99.00/4 months or 10% off single payment of $356.40

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