Ultimate Stewardship

Symposium Id: u-s-2019

June 24-26, 2019 | Rochester, New York

Ultimate Stewardship is centered around the law of stewardship, which states:

The degree of care you give to any resource determines the yield you experience from that resource.

In other words, if you put great care into your business, your business will yield great results. If you put great care into your relationships, your relationships will bring you great joy in return. And so on through the other various arenas of life.

This symposium focuses on the “five domains of human concern:”

1) Energy, 2) Time, 3) Relationships, 4) Production, 5) Money.

Not only will this curriculum teach you methods of stewarding these resources to their fullest potential, but also make sure there is balance between them in your life. Thus, if you struggle with work/life balance, you’ve come to the right place.

DAY THREE will consist of a session like no other we have ever done at a symposium before. On this day, you will experience an innovative presentation experience called “open space.” This is where the presenter simply acts as the facilitator, while the attendees create the agenda for the day. Whatever sparks the most passion and curiosity in you, that’s what we’ll be discussing with one another.

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