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Metric Three - Soul Purpose Discovery

The Soul Purpose test is exclusive as a metric of being and doing. It will help you understand who you were born to BE, and then what to DO with that new information. This knowledge helps you identify the exact insights, products and services you're meant to bring to the marketplace. They will become the deliverables that you must use to serve people in the market, creating greater to earn more currency. They will help advance societal growth by alleviating human suffering while simultaneously establishing your individual legacy.

There are many quality personality measurement tests; Kolbe finds the natural conative functions of human performance. It measures people's basic instinctual drivers. Knowing your conative instinct is useful. Myers-Briggs and DISC measure mental proclivities by determining one's natural way of processing information. In simplest terms, the first measures the physical realm, and the others measure the mental realm. The Soul Purpose Test is the only metric that measures all three, including the spiritual realm.

The Three Realms of Potential
Realm Potential Identity Business Model Business Style Intention Level Domain
Spiritual Highest Higher-Self Interdependent Creative Serving Super-Conscious Soul
Mental Middle Ego-self Independent Proactive Selling Subconscious Mind
Physical Lowest Animal-self Dependent Reactive Surviving Conscious Body




All three realms are important, but the spiritual realm offers the most advantageous starting point to actualize your self-in-potential. No other strength-finder test reveals the two versions of self within each human being. If one is stuck in the lower ego-self, instincts or thinking habits will not be enough to actualize wealth. The ego is unaware, and therefore repeats the same pitfalls. The higher self is consciousness itself, which is an awareness of being and purpose. This is soul purpose. It is only from this highest plane of soul-potential that can one tell the mind and body what to think and do, not the reverse.

You, the soul, must tell the mind what to do. When thoughts tell you what to do, the ego is in charge. The Soul is your highest self, the most powerful possibility of being. Purpose is the intention for which something exists or is done.

The term soul purpose underscores the fact that that you are a soul in a body who has a mind. While residing in a material body and using the mind as a computer for storing, retrieving and analyzing data, the soul is your true essence. Throughout history, soul purpose represents the ultimate version of prosperity that a human being can aspire to; it is the ultimate human life value. People that discover and deliver their soul purpose to the world live longer and happier lives, experience greater inner peace and health, and become financially abundant.


Soul Purpose is...
BEING the greatest you,
KNOWING your mission, and
DOING it in service to the greater good.


It represents the BE-KNOW-DO model unique to the Soul Purpose Institute. It makes sense of the very confusing information sold by the "abundance industry" The industry has failed so many with its promises of buying 'a book that reveals the secret' path to wealth. Studying wealthy people illuminates the many different paths to wealth. Bill Gates is far different than Donald Trump who is far different than Warren Buffett. The same is true with Oprah Winfrey, Meg Whitman and LeBron James. But what they all have in common is they played their strongest wealth game, not someone else's. They were born with a great talent but cultivated it with discipline to create extraordinary value. They then took a very specific prosperity path to leverage that value in the free market. The commonality was that they were true to themselves and to their core competency.

We call this commonality the Law of Prosperity.

The Law of Prosperity - Prosperity is a state of abundance resulting from Value highly Leveraged. P = V x L; Prosperity (BE) = Value (KNOW) x Leverage (DO)

The key distinctions are:

1. BE who you were born to be (Play your strongest Prosperity Game)

There are eight phenotypes of human being. Who you are meant to be, and the prosperity path matching that role is very specific. The test will reveal both not only your dominant soul purpose role but also your strongest prosperity game. Once you know it, understanding and following that specific prosperity path is important. The folly of trying to achieve prosperity without knowing your role is like trying to play eight different sports using the same rules. It is impossible to successfully do so because each game, and its rules, is different. In soccer you kick the ball but can't touch it, in tennis you touch the ball but can't kick it. In football you can run with the ball but in basketball you must dribble it. You must know your strongest wealth game with its specific rules including knowledge of your unique prosperity path.

Each role also has both positive and negative aspects. When one is working from the Higher Self each role reveals its positive attributes. When unconsciously driven by ego, the negative shadow aspects of that role come out. The means to transcending the ego are revealed in the book, The Prosperity Paradigm.

2. KNOW the specific product, service or insight that creates unique value. (Including Marginal Utility)

Clarity about your exact role increases awareness of the specific products and services to accentuate that talent in the market. More so, the wrong paths become obvious, and those ideas should be quickly abandoned. If you're meant to be a world-class basket-baller, why play baseball? Even Michael Jordan, the greater basketball player in history, couldn't excel beyond the minor leagues playing baseball. Despite being a world-class athlete, basketball was his strongest game, not baseball. Working a weak prosperity game weakens everything you do. Working your strongest prosperity game instantly creates favorable conditions to discover your marginal utility, which is imperative for abundance. The Law of Marginal Utility states - Marginal Utility is the margin of additional value that must clearly delivered to far exceed the ordinary utility of your competitors. Free markets never lie; they are indifferent to any offer absent Marginal Utility. Soul Purpose deliverables offer the ultimate marginal utility.


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